Monday, October 24, 2011

HELLO ALL....Here are this past weeks cup cakes...three different orders....  Everything was made out of Scratch..  French Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, and Red Velvet and some Lollicake Pops!

*** Chocolate CupCake with Vanilla Flavor Butter Cream***

French Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes with lil extra Glammed out accents and Lil Spiders!!!

***Check Out The Glam Dust***


***LolliCake Pops Chocolate inside and Orange Flavored Candy***

Hope you all like...Like it,  Love it, or Hate it...Leave a commnent...i'm always looking forward to reading your messages....If you are interested in the recipes please contact me.  I will be more than willing to provide recipes...I'm pressed for time so...till next update....

As Always Thank you for stopping by!

Sweet Hugs,
Honey B

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